Why Gift Wrapping Fundraisers Are a Win For Everyone

a collection of materials necessary for a gift wrapping fundraiser, including scissors, tape, a gift box, and gift wrap.

With the holiday season just around the corner, gift wrap will soon be flying off the shelves in bulk. As millions of Americans race to buy gifts for one another, they all face the same dilemma: wrap the gifts themselves or pay a professional gift wrapping service. But what if there was another option?

Enter a gift wrapping fundraiser! Gift wrapping fundraisers are a fun and exciting way to get the community involved as well as raise awareness for your team, business, or organization. Let’s take a look at why you should get started on a gift wrapping fundraiser!

What Are Gift Wrapping Fundraisers?

a person in a red checkered shirt wrapping a holiday themed gift with gift wrap and a bow.

Typically held in a public place, like a shopping mall, gift wrapping fundraisers are set up to wrap peoples’ gifts and put the money to a good cause. Professional gift wrappers can charge up to $20 per hour! A gift wrapping fundraiser provides the same service for a fraction of the price. The best part? The money goes to a good cause!

But how long should a gift wrapping fundraiser last? While there may not be a “correct” answer, it should give folks plenty of time to prepare for the holiday in question. For example, a holiday fundraiser might stretch from Black Friday through Christmas.

In that time, remember to advertise! A good place to start can be social media, your website, and email newsletters. Consider collaborating with local media outlets, like news or radio stations, to increase awareness and maximize potential visibility. The more folks that know about it, the more potential customers.

How to Get Started

You’ll need the permission of the venue at which you want to host the gift wrapping fundraiser, as well as at least a few volunteers (preferably ones who know how to wrap gifts). You’ll also need to stock up on bulk gift wrap, bulk gift boxes, and assorted gift wrapping accessories. Don’t forget about tape, scissors, and all the other accessories involved with gift wrapping. 

a set of wrapped gifts

Make sure your audience is aware of the cause behind the fundraiser. It can also help to have a clearly visible and distinguishable collection box, so customers have no doubts about where or how to donate. It can also help to set transparent goals, both to incentivize folks to get involved and to help them spread the word to family and friends. 

Decide on whether you want to charge per item or charge a specific donation, and when the fundraiser is complete, pass on the proceeds to the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Remember to thank everyone who got involved-from the volunteers to the customers to the hosts. If it goes well, consider holding these kinds of fundraisers more often!

Start Your Gift Wrapping Fundraiser Today!

That’s right-gift wrapping fundraisers don’t have to be saved exclusively for the holidays. You can organize and hold a fundraiser for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and even graduation season! There’s never a bad time to get the community together, raise funds for a good cause, and facilitate the art of gift-giving! 

Is Gift Wrapping Really Seasonal?

Two rolls of gift wrap, a wrapped gift box, a ribbon, and scissors and tape.

When you think of gift wrap, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s a heaping mountain of neatly wrapped gifts or a package being unwrapped around a fire, perhaps with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. With the holiday season making up just a small fraction of the year as a whole, does that mean gift wrapping is reserved exclusively for those couple of months? Or is gift wrapping really a year-round tradition. Let’s take a look. 

The Gift Wrapping Season

In 2019, Gallup polls reported Americans’ holiday spending exceeded $1 Trillion. What’s more, holiday spending has been increasing steadily since 2011. That means there’s no doubt that the latter stages of winter are the busiest season for both gift-giving and gift wrapping. 

According to the Hallmark Company, Americans spend over $3 Billion a year on gift wrap, with the vast majority of that spending coming around the holiday season. For almost 100 years, the etiquette of gift-giving has implicitly included wrapping gifts in colorful, festive, or otherwise fabulous paper. 

Interestingly enough, that extra effort pays dividends. A study by The Journal of Consumer Psychology found more pristinely wrapped gifts elicit a more positive emotional response from the recipient. What better time of year to get folks into the festive spirit than the holidays?

When Else Do We Give Gifts?

a collection of wrapped gifts on a table.

While November through the end of the year accounts for the lion’s share of gifting, there are countless opportunities for gift-giving throughout the year: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, graduations, and even other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

In case you don’t have a calendar in front of you, gifting opportunities are spread out throughout the year. In other words, there is no “slow season” for gift giving. Always be ready for engagements, births, work promotions, and other spontaneous moments of celebration at a moment’s notice; your customers will appreciate it!

Have you ever received a gift for seemingly no reason? You’re not alone! From gifting novelty toys to co-workers to jars of specialty jam to house-sitters, plenty of Americans give spontaneously. Those gifts are made all the more special with a tidy gift wrap job. 

The Reality of Gift-Giving

Wholesale gift wrap doesn’t come exclusively in holiday patterns and styles. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and styles, which signifies its versatility throughout the year. In other words, available gift wrap options show us that gift wrapping should be embraced, regardless of the time of year!

The reality of gift wrapping is that it’s an imperfect science. While most folks associate gift wrap with the holidays, gift wrap is so much more than seasonal. Giving a gift shows someone you care, but giving a beautifully wrapped gift shows them you went the extra mile.

At Mr. Gift Wrap, we go the extra mile all year round. From holiday gift wrap to everyday gift bags to accessories and more, we have everything you need to seal your customer experience with a neatly wrapped bow. Check out our selection and shop today!

Is it Too Early to Think About Your Holiday Gift Packaging Needs?

a collection of gift packaging solutions

While the economy transitions and businesses struggle to keep up with new increases in consumer demand, the supply chain side of things is stretched almost to its limits. From furniture to semiconductors to chicken wings, supply chain problems have disrupted nearly every industry. As a result, wait times are extending, in some cases up to a year or more, and many product areas are already sold out for the year. That means if you haven’t started planning out your holiday packaging needs, it might already be too late. 

What’s Behind the Supply Chain Shortage?

Obviously, the pandemic threw a wrench into everyone’s plans. Because of factory shutdowns, there are global shortages on things like steel, lumber, and chemicals. Winter storms caused shipping delays, which led to further disruptions on the global retail supply side, leaving many popular products off the shelves for months. Even with job openings around the country soaring and the economy recovering, that lapse in production caused the void we’re now seeing. 

wholesale holiday gift wrapping bags and boxes

Furthermore, warehouse and fulfillment center operators, in addition to dealing with labor issues, had to deal with how to retool operations to keep workers six feet apart. The scaling down of production led to wholesale changes in things like packaging size, design, and even the material used. While those changes ripple down to consumers, retailers must adjust to changing consumer demand and perceptions. 

Among those changes is the shift to more responsible packaging; for instance, hardshell plastic has largely been replaced by slip sheet packaging. With consumers placing more of an importance on corporate social responsibility, it’s imperative for businesses to think critically and balance their need for retail packaging with the need to be socially responsible. That means using less wasteful material and more recyclable, responsibly-sourced packaging materials. 

As any business owner knows, getting your products into the hands of your customers is as important as ensuring they’ll come back as repeat customers. Those changes in the packaging industry mean as a business owner, it’s important to adapt before the holiday season. In some cases, both consumers and businesses are already preparing for the imminent holiday rush of 2021. 

Start Planning For Your Holiday Packaging Needs!

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday rush. Not only will you be charged with keeping up with pent-up consumer demand, but experts forecast a sizable increase in ecommerce retail shopping through the holiday season. That means more folks than ever will be buying online, putting an increased impetus on packaging and sending out those purchased goods. 

For many business owners, the increase in demand for online shopping turned brick and mortar retailers into fulfillment centers, with the focus pivoted to packaging and shipping purchases. With fewer people going into stores, packaging has also become a bigger part of the branding process. That means customized packaging is as important to a brand’s identity as any other form of advertising. 

Put it all together and it’s time to start planning for the holidays. If you haven’t already, start thinking about placing orders for things like gift packaging, wholesale gift wrap, and bulk gift boxes. At. Mr. Gift Wrap, we have everything you need to be ready for even the most fierce holiday rush, including the best selection of customizable wholesale gift wrapping options. The focus this year will be on the consumer experience, so stock well and think outside the box to keep up with your customers’ demands!

Has COVID Changed How We Gift?

A woman in a yellow sweater holding a wrapped gift box with a beige bow.

There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic significantly altered the way we get together and socialize. A year’s worth of parties and celebrations were either shunted to Zoom, postponed, or canceled altogether. At the same time, we still wanted to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, milestones, and special events. Let’s take a look at how COVID shook up what we give, how we give it, and gift-giving in general. 

More or Less?

While we all tried to recreate experiences at home, the retail industry shifted almost exclusively online. Consumer online spending actually increased a whopping 44% year-over-year, meaning people were still buying gifts, they were just doing so online. In fact, in many cases, rather than forego gift-giving for special occasions, folks instead overcompensated for the lack of in-person experiences by splurging online. 

In other cases, the search for the perfect gift became more meaningful. According to Google data from December 2020, searches for “online gift cards” were up over 100% from the previous year. People also started thinking about gifting earlier; searches for holiday gifts were up from the prior year in both October and November 2020. 

For some, gift-giving became more practical. Rather than give the superfluous, they gave what was truly needed: groceries, financial assistance, and compassion. Volunteering also reached new heights; while there are no conclusive measurable statistics for volunteering worldwide, Google search data showed interest in the term “volunteering” reached peak values in March and April 2020: the peak of the pandemic. 

With everyone stuck at home, gifts were centered around the home. According to USA Today, the biggest hot-ticket gift items in 2020 were in home goods and home entertainment. Gifts like cookware, streaming services, exercise equipment, speakers, and headphones sold in droves, while experiential purchases like vacations took a backseat. 

Has COVID Changed Gift Wrapping?

A woman in a white sweater holding a hand to her chest as she receives a gift box wrapped in a red bow

COVID may have altered consumer buying habits, but what about the way we actually give gifts to one another? Safety concerns and pandemic restrictions limited our ability to physically give gifts, so online retailers that offered both gift wrapping and shipping stood out.

A Morning Consult poll from September 2020 found Americans were looking for brands that emphasized safety and provided gift ideas. Those brands were the winners not only during the holiday season, but year-round. In addition to shifting resources online, the biggest retailers shifted resources towards gift packaging and gift wrapping. 

In fact, because folks couldn’t physically get together, the way gifts were presented became just as important as the gifts themselves. What might have been previously placed in a gift bag was instead adorned handsomely with frilly, seasonal wrapping paper and a neat bow. People even got creative and made their own wrapping paper, gift cards, and in some cases, the gifts themselves. 

The Future of Gift Giving

The shift towards online shopping was already well underway prior to events of 2020, and figures to continue. Consumers are looking for safe, meaningful ways to connect and make up for lost time. That means the 2021 holiday season is exciting and full of potential. More importantly, folks will be looking to celebrate like never before. Should we expect another “Roaring 20s?”

In addition to the holidays, graduations, weddings, birthday parties, and other events are coming back into swing with the lifting of restrictions across the nation. Folks will be looking to reconnect like never before and gifting will get back to normal. 

That means it’s time for your business to start thinking about offering more value for your customers by way of gift wrapping options!

At Mr. Gift Wrap, we have all the bulk wrapping paper and wholesale gift wrapping accessories you need to provide year-round gift wrapping options for your customers. Let your customers party on and feel confident about their gifts and keep on gifting!

The Challenge – Standing Out in the Crowd

Last year alone over four million entrepreneurs kept their American Dream alive by starting their own small businesses. Many of them offer the same products as you at competitive prices and, of course, they all pride themselves on exceptional service. Combined with all the other local and regional small businesses with whom you’re already competing, big box retailers, and massive online sales channels, standing out in the crowd is becoming more and more challenging.

two wrapped gifts on top of a wooden table

Make it Easy For Your Customers

One powerful and proven strategy in this busy environment is to create a convenience for your customers that your competitors simply can’t or won’t provide. The more tasks you can manage for them, the higher the value you provide, and the greater likely hood that they will become loyal customers who tell their friends about the great service they received. A simple and economical way to begin providing this higher level of added value is to launch and in-store gift wrapping program.

Consider this, a survey from Myria found that when it comes to the task of wrapping a gift, a surprisingly high number of Americans would rather clean the house (19%), do the dishes (14%), shovel snow (11%) or take out the trash (10%). Also consider that men wrap only half as many gifts as women. Many of them will be eager participants in your in-store gift wrapping program, and grateful customers who tell their friends and colleagues, and will keep coming back again and again.

Unsurprisingly, a study by the Journal of Consumer Psychology found gift recipients were far fonder of wrapped gifts than their non-wrapped counterparts. Even wrapping a modest gift enhances its perceived value. This makes gift wrapping a “necessary evil” for a lot of would-be gift-giving superstars. After all, you can’t simply put a gift in a plastic bag, right? 

Adding Value to Your Business

Adding value to increase sales and create customer loyalty is all about what you can do for your customers.

Many online retailers offer gift wrapping, or more accurately gift bagging. Rarely do they deliver the beautifully designed and professionally wrapped gift presentation that really enhances perceived value. And you’re certainly not going to walk out of a big box retailer with a beautifully wrapped gift these days. 

What better way to enhance the perceived value of shopping at your store than offering an economical in-store gift wrapping program?

Start Offering In-Store Gift Wrapping Today

There are countless occasions for gift-giving all year round. From weddings to anniversaries to birthdays, engagements, graduations, and more, the opportunities for giving and receiving gifts are endless. 

At Mr. Gift Wrap, we can help you easily set up a professional in-store gift wrapping program. We have all the bulk wrapping paper and wholesale gift wrapping accessories you’ll need to make in-store gift wrapping a cornerstone of your efforts to stand out in the crowd.

Gift Wrapping Color Trends for Spring 2021

Spring is here once again! That means the temperature is heating up, the flowers are coming out, and summer is just around the corner. It also means it’s time to break out the spring color palette for your bulk gift wrapping needs. What kinds of trends should you be on the lookout for this spring?

According to the experts at Pantone Color Institute, the colors of spring 2021 will emphasize inventiveness and ingenuity, along with the core classics. So what does that mean exactly?

Sunshine and a blue sky. 

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that robin’s egg blue and certain shades of yellow, like illuminating, are poised to be popular this spring. 

Spring is when the weather heats up, so warm colors should be en vogue, right? Although blue is typically a cool color, some lighter blues, like the aforementioned robin’s egg blue, cerulean, and French blue are actually more associated with spring, as they inspire visions of a clear, sunny spring day. 

That’s why you see so many spring gift wrapping options include those warmer blues and yellows. Blue is associated with peace and serenity while yellow is associated with optimism and energy. Who doesn’t want their gift recipient to feel calm, hopeful, and energetic? Plus, what represents more opportunity than a bright, sunny sky on a warm spring morning? 

Gift wrapping options that include shades of blue, yellow, and even springtime imagery, like a lush, grassy field or a sunny sky, are all the style this spring. 

Floral Colors

With apologies to springtime allergy sufferers, spring is when all the beautiful flowers bloom. Some of the more notable spring blooms include daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinth, and orchids. Coincidentally, amethyst orchid and raspberry sorbet are perfect for all things spring! The names alone are reminiscent of opportunity and growth, just like the flowers and fruits they represent. 

We all know the effect of giving and receiving flowers as gifts, but studies have shown receiving flowers actually has a long-term effect on moods and creates intimate connections. Since people give gifts to their family, friends, and loved ones, gift bags and gift wrapping that includes floral patterns will only enhance the positive feeling of getting a gift.

Floral-themed gift bags and flowered gift wrapping are year-round classics, but especially so in spring. Keep an eye out for your favorite patterns!

The Grass is Always Greener

Everything trends green in spring. The leaves come out, the grass starts growing, and all the foliage is visible once again. It’s even tax season! Green is most commonly used in spring because it represents not only nature but growth, positivity, and tranquility. But which shades of green are trending this year?

Keep an eye out for Spring green, green ash, and mint. While green ash cools and soothes, mint refreshes and restores. Combine the two for a refreshing, inspiring look!

Make the Most of Spring

In addition to birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and graduations, spring also includes Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo. November through January may be the holidays, but springtime is definitely a season of giving. 

It’s important to incorporate colors that both coincide with the seasons and work year-round. Look for this spring’s color trends to blend new, inventive shades with core classics to both comfort and inspire. 

At Mr. Gift Wrap, we have an abundance of in-style, spring color options for wholesale gift wrap, bulk gift boxes, gift bags, accessories, and more! From bright, radiant floral patterns to sunny blue spring designs and more, we have everything you need to stock up for spring 2021 with all the latest trends. Check out our selection today!

Is It Too Early to Start Christmas Shopping?

Decorated showcase of a store. Christmass timeAutumn has just begun, but that hasn’t stopped many big box stores from putting their holiday decorations on display. It also hasn’t prevented millions of people from starting their Christmas shopping earlier this month. While the holiday shopping season doesn’t traditionally begin until after Thanksgiving, as many as 34 million Americans may have already finished their Christmas shopping by the beginning of October.

Mid-December shopping can get crazy, which is why 46% of holiday shopping is now done online. Crowds of people flood malls, retailers, and other stores to get their hands on the perfect gifts before they’re sold out, or they decide to take the easy route by buying online.

Many shoppers have become annoyed with the trend, but the general consensus is that more and more consumers are asking retailers to carry their holiday inventories earlier to make shopping less stressful.

“If the consumers are asking for holiday products earlier in the year, you are more than likely to see retailers start having a small assortment by late summer and build up their inventory as we move into the holiday season,” said Ana Serafin Smith, a spokesperson for the National Retail Federation.

Black Friday is another large event for early-season shoppers. In fact, many retailers plan to open their doors early — on Thanksgiving Day — to allow people more time to get their shopping done and take advantage of the Black Friday sales. Many stores have been criticized on social media for taking shoppers away from their families on Thanksgiving Day.

By the end of November, nearly one quarter of U.S. adults plan to finish their Christmas shopping, leaving time to enjoy holiday festivities without the worry of scrambling to find the perfect gift.

When you have your gift shopping taken care of so early, however, many parents and spouses have an increased risk of prying eyes that can ruin the surprise. For retailers, this continuing trend means stocking up on Christmas bulk wrapping paper earlier and earlier in the year as well – so consumers can purchase gift wrap along with the gifts they’re buying.

While the most popular bulk gift wrap at the holidays is seasonally appropriate wholesale Christmas wrapping paper – snowflakes, snowmen, holiday script, and a myriad of red and green and gold prints and designs. However, you can also stock up on extra bulk gift wrap that can be used throughout the year to ensure that you don’t run at a crucial time. Online suppliers of wholesale wrapping paper often feature a large range of prints that can be used for a variety of gift-giving holidays and events. Stock up now when you know you’ll need it, and you can continue to sell any of this surplus wholesale wrapping paper year-round for birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving needs.

3 Reasons You Might Need Wrapping Paper In Bulk

Man Struggle to Carry Giant GiftHoliday season is just around the corner, and everyone knows what that means. A mad scramble for presents, whether online or in stores, is about to ensue. Not only do you need the gifts, however, but you need something to wrap them in. Indeed, according to Hallmark, over $2 billion in gift wrap and wrapping accessories are sold every year.

Let’s be real: few things in life are more satisfying than beautifully wrapped and adorned gifts underneath the tree or at a special someone’s birthday dinner, is there?

Usually, people go for a couple rolls of different designs for the whole season, but a select few need to make a sizable investment in wrapping paper in bulk every year. Luckily, there are many wholesale wrapping paper companies out there who are able to provide this product. Check out some of the situations you might be in where you’d need to get wrapping paper in bulk:

You Have a Huge Family

If you’re part of a massive clan, then you already know the drill. You probably started buying gifts months ago, and presents for both sides of the family need to be wrapped. In order to eliminate a massive headache, getting your supplies in bulk really is the answer, especially when you consider birthdays, hostess gifts, and friends of the family.

You Own a Business

Any retailer knows the brutal realities of the holiday season and the fact that they necessitate buying gift wrap in bulk. All the consumers who are too frenzied or rushed to do it themselves will want you to do it for them, so stock up on bulk gift wrap early and often.

You’ve Got Some Big Presents to Give

If you are planning on giving some really big presents (literally) it may be worth it to investigate bulk wrapping paper options. A really big present, like an assembled playset or a new car, could be really fun to gift wrap and “give” — the recipient will truly enjoy ripping the paper off of their new plus-size toy.

Whatever your reason, don’t hesitate to pre-order your bulk wrapping paper as early in the season as possible!