Is It Too Early to Start Christmas Shopping?

Decorated showcase of a store. Christmass timeAutumn has just begun, but that hasn’t stopped many big box stores from putting their holiday decorations on display. It also hasn’t prevented millions of people from starting their Christmas shopping earlier this month. While the holiday shopping season doesn’t traditionally begin until after Thanksgiving, as many as 34 million Americans may have already finished their Christmas shopping by the beginning of October.

Mid-December shopping can get crazy, which is why 46% of holiday shopping is now done online. Crowds of people flood malls, retailers, and other stores to get their hands on the perfect gifts before they’re sold out, or they decide to take the easy route by buying online.

Many shoppers have become annoyed with the trend, but the general consensus is that more and more consumers are asking retailers to carry their holiday inventories earlier to make shopping less stressful.

“If the consumers are asking for holiday products earlier in the year, you are more than likely to see retailers start having a small assortment by late summer and build up their inventory as we move into the holiday season,” said Ana Serafin Smith, a spokesperson for the National Retail Federation.

Black Friday is another large event for early-season shoppers. In fact, many retailers plan to open their doors early — on Thanksgiving Day — to allow people more time to get their shopping done and take advantage of the Black Friday sales. Many stores have been criticized on social media for taking shoppers away from their families on Thanksgiving Day.

By the end of November, nearly one quarter of U.S. adults plan to finish their Christmas shopping, leaving time to enjoy holiday festivities without the worry of scrambling to find the perfect gift.

When you have your gift shopping taken care of so early, however, many parents and spouses have an increased risk of prying eyes that can ruin the surprise. For retailers, this continuing trend means stocking up on Christmas bulk wrapping paper earlier and earlier in the year as well – so consumers can purchase gift wrap along with the gifts they’re buying.

While the most popular bulk gift wrap at the holidays is seasonally appropriate wholesale Christmas wrapping paper – snowflakes, snowmen, holiday script, and a myriad of red and green and gold prints and designs. However, you can also stock up on extra bulk gift wrap that can be used throughout the year to ensure that you don’t run at a crucial time. Online suppliers of wholesale wrapping paper often feature a large range of prints that can be used for a variety of gift-giving holidays and events. Stock up now when you know you’ll need it, and you can continue to sell any of this surplus wholesale wrapping paper year-round for birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving needs.

3 Reasons You Might Need Wrapping Paper In Bulk

Man Struggle to Carry Giant GiftHoliday season is just around the corner, and everyone knows what that means. A mad scramble for presents, whether online or in stores, is about to ensue. Not only do you need the gifts, however, but you need something to wrap them in. Indeed, according to Hallmark, over $2 billion in gift wrap and wrapping accessories are sold every year.

Let’s be real: few things in life are more satisfying than beautifully wrapped and adorned gifts underneath the tree or at a special someone’s birthday dinner, is there?

Usually, people go for a couple rolls of different designs for the whole season, but a select few need to make a sizable investment in wrapping paper in bulk every year. Luckily, there are many wholesale wrapping paper companies out there who are able to provide this product. Check out some of the situations you might be in where you’d need to get wrapping paper in bulk:

You Have a Huge Family

If you’re part of a massive clan, then you already know the drill. You probably started buying gifts months ago, and presents for both sides of the family need to be wrapped. In order to eliminate a massive headache, getting your supplies in bulk really is the answer, especially when you consider birthdays, hostess gifts, and friends of the family.

You Own a Business

Any retailer knows the brutal realities of the holiday season and the fact that they necessitate buying gift wrap in bulk. All the consumers who are too frenzied or rushed to do it themselves will want you to do it for them, so stock up on bulk gift wrap early and often.

You’ve Got Some Big Presents to Give

If you are planning on giving some really big presents (literally) it may be worth it to investigate bulk wrapping paper options. A really big present, like an assembled playset or a new car, could be really fun to gift wrap and “give” — the recipient will truly enjoy ripping the paper off of their new plus-size toy.

Whatever your reason, don’t hesitate to pre-order your bulk wrapping paper as early in the season as possible!