We Can Help You Build Customer Loyalty!

“The Learning Shop of Wisconsin has been offering complimentary gift wrapping for many years.  Our customers LOVE having their gifts wrapped and I’m positive this has increased our business.  Your superior quality paper and exceptional customer service has been a cornerstone of this program’s success!  Thank You!”

Tom M.

“Thank you……. phenomenal service!!”

Carolyn L.

“For 20 years, Barrington Books has been offering free gift wrapping.  In an era when businesses are forced to make cuts, we decided that gift wrap is not the place to do so.  It’s one of the extras we provide that separate us from the “big box” stores.  Our customers continually remark how this small perk is a very important factor in their continued patronage.  Mr. Gift Wrap has always provided us with the best selection and fast, friendly service which makes everything so easy.  Thank You!”

Wendy L.

“Thanks again!! You were a pleasure to work with!  I will always use you and I will spread the word!!”

Melissa H.

“I wanted to thank you, again, for your prompt attention to my inquiries.  Your customer service is excellent, and such a wonderful reflection of your company.  I am a supervisor in a library system that has been rated #1 in the country, and it is because we live and breathe our mantra of  “excellent customer service” every single day.  It is so refreshing to discover that others have that same priority, and I wanted you to know how much it is appreciated.  Thank you!”

Betsy L.

“Dude, YOU ROCK!!!  Thank you SO much…..”

Jaicie K.

“What a fantastic service! Chris and his team are 100% customer-focused and attentive, the quality of the product is excellent, and the level of responsiveness was second to none when I had questions about delivery times. Our company will be using Mr. Gift Wrap for all our marketing needs in the future. Amazing service, amazing product!”

Dana S.

“What great customer service!  I’m very impressed and will continue to order from you.  Thanks again for being so helpful.”

Paula L.

“Thanks again for all your help!  You made my day!!  It’s not often that people go out of their way to help others.  I really appreciate your taking the time and extra steps to find this paper for me.  I spent hours online yesterday trying to track it down.  I’m thrilled to know it’s on the way!”

Tammy T.

“Thank you so much for checking on this for me. This is proof that this company has wonderful customer service which is very rare now a days.  Many Thanks!”

Donielle O.

“Thanks so much for your help Chris!  It is much appreciated and I’ll definitely recommend you to others for your great customer service! Thanks again.”

Kelsey M.